09 Apr

1. Hindia Belanda Currency


2. De Javasche bank Currency

ImageEconomic situation in Indonesia at the beginning of independence marked byhyperinflation caused by the circulation of multiple currencies that are not controlled, while the Government of Indonesia does not have currency. There are three currencies are declared valid by the government of Indonesia on October 1, 1945, the Japanese currency, the currency of the Dutch East Indies, and currenciesDe Javasche Bank
Among the three currency exchange rate experienced a sharp decline in theJapanese currency. Circulation reached four billion, so the Japanese currency wasa source of hyperinflation. Walks of life who suffer most are farmers, because theykeep most of the Japanese currency.


hose who came from USA or using USD currency when travelling, make sure you not bring any old USD currency otherwisw you will not able to exchange it with Malaysian currency.

All the money exchange company and the Bank wont accept this currency especially USD100 notes. The diffrent within the USD old currency with a new one is the head of President is much more bigger for a new one, the old one is smaller as you can see in the picture.

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